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The Math and Science Partnership Network

Funding for ended on September 30, 2019. The site continues as an archive of MSP projects’ work and is no longer actively maintained.

MSPnet staff at TERC in Cambridge, MA, with funding from NSF, have been fortunate to serve the MSP community through since 2003. It has been a great privilege to facilitate the sharing of resources, research, presentations, career opportunities, and LNC conferences, as well as provide national and international dissemination of project work conducted by those in NSF's MSP and STEM+C programs. We extend our sincere thanks for your participation and support over the years.

As this work winds down, we are excited to announce a new online learning community, the STEM Teacher Leadership Network:, which has recently been funded by NSF. If you are a researcher or educator interested in STEM teacher leadership, we hope that you will take part!

Please take a look back with us, as we highlight some of the most popular library posts, project papers, webinars, and videos from the last 5 years.

Most Popular Library Items

How People Learn II: Learners, Contexts, and Cultures, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, The National Academies Press, October 2018.

The Social Side Of Education Reform: A Research Primer, Alan J. Daly, Kara S. Finnigan, Susan Moore Johnson, Matthew A. Kraft, Carrie R. Leana, Frits K. Pil, Matthew Ronfeldt, James P. Spillane, Esther Quintero, Albert Shanker Institute, April 2016.

Resources for Teaching: Examining Personal and Institutional Predictors of High-Quality Instruction, Heather C. Hill, David Blazar, Kathleen Lynch, AERA Open, December 2015.

Explaining Teacher Effects on Achievement Using Measures from Multiple Research Traditions, Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Mark Chin, Heather C. Hill, Douglas O. Staiger, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, 2015.

Assessing And Evaluating Teacher Education Programs: APA Task Force Report, F. Worrell, M. Brabeck, C. Dwyer, K. Geisinger, R. Marx, G. Noell, R. Pianta, American Psychological Association, 2014.

Competing Strands Of Educational Reform Policy: Can Collaborative School Reform and Teacher Evaluation Reform Be Reconciled?, Nathan D. Jones, Elizabeth Bettini, Mary T. Brownell, Albert Shanker Institute, April 2016.

Does Class Size Matter?, Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, National Education Policy Center, February 2014.

STEM Integration in K-12 Education: Status, Prospects, and an Agenda for Research, Margaret Honey, Greg Pearson, Heidi Schweingruber, Committee on Integrated STEM Education, National Academy of Engineering, National Research Council, National Academies Press, February 2014.

Preschoolers’ Inquisitiveness and Science-relevant Problem Solving, Maria Fusaro, Maureen C. Smith, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 2018.

Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards: Strategies for Educational Leaders, William R. Penuel, Christopher J. Harris, Angela Haydel DeBarger, Phi Delta Kappan, March 2015.

Most Popular Articles from our MSP and STEM+C Community

Intra- and Interschool Interactions about Instruction: Exploring the Conditions for Social Capital Development, James P. Spillane, Megan Hopkins, Tracy M. Sweet, American Journal of Education, November 2015.

The Influence of Teachers’ Knowledge on Student Learning in Middle School Physical Science Classrooms, Philip Sadler, Gerhard Sonnert, Harold Coyle, Nancy Cook Smith, Jaimie L. Miller, American Educational Research Journal, 2013.

Using Value-Added Models to Measure Teacher Effects on Students' Motivation and Achievement, Erik A. Ruzek, Thurston Domina, AnneMarie M. Conley, Greg J. Duncan, Stuart A. Karabenick, Journal of Early Adolescence, 2015.

The Impact of a Middle School Engineering Course on Students’ Academic Achievement and Non-Cognitive Skills, Meltem Alemdar, Roxanne A. Moore, Jeremy A. Lingle, Jeff Rosen, Jessica Gale, Marion C. Usselman, International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and T, 2018.

Measuring Science Instructional Practice: A Survey Tool for the Age of NGSS, Kathryn N. Hayes, Christine S. Lee, Rachelle DiStefano, Dawn O'Connor, Jeffery C. Seitz, Journal of Science Teacher Education, February 2016.

Designing Educational Systems to Support Enactment of the Next Generation Science Standards, Charles W. Anderson, Elizabeth X. de los Santos, Sarah Bodbyl, Beth A. Covitt, Kirsten D. Edwards, James Brian Hancock II, Qinyun Lin, Christie Morrison Thomas, William R. Penuel, Mary Margaret Welch, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, July 2018.

Eighth-Grade Algebra Course Placement and Student Motivation for Mathematics, Rahila Simzar, Thurston Domina, Cathy Tran, AERA Open, January-March 2016.

Computational Pedagogy: Fostering a New Method of Teaching, Osman Yasar, Peter Veronesi, Jose Maliekal, Leigh J. Little, Sounthone E. Vattana, Ibrahim Halil Yeter, ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, June 2016.

Research-Practice Partnerships in Education: Outcomes, Dynamics, and Open Questions, Cynthia E. Coburn, William R. Penuel, Educational Researcher, February 2016.

Most Popular Webinars

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The Current State of K-12 Computer Science Education in the US, presented by Jeanne Century and Sarah Wille, March 2015.

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How to Design 3D Formative Assessments for NGSS, presented by William Penuel and Philip Bell, February 2017.

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District & School Implementation of NGSS Through Curriculum Adaptation & Development, presented by Philip Bell and Kerri Wingert, January 2017.

Most Popular MSP/STEM+C Videos from the STEM for All Video Showcases

Innovators Developing Accessible Tools for Astronomy, 2019.

Presented by: Kate Meredith, Bret Feranchak, Santiago Gasca, Alexandra Grossi, Kathy Gustavson, Jim Hammerman, Eric Hochberg, Tim Spuck, & Annie Wilson

SciGirls Code: A National Connected Learning CS Model, 2018.

Presented by: Joan Freese, Sarah Carter, Katie Hessen, & Cassandra Scharber

Learning Trajectories for Everyday Computing (LTEC), 2016.

Presented by: Andy Isaacs, Maya Israel, & George Reese